Final Year Project & Dissertation

Project Title: Develop a Piece of Educational Software for the Learning of Japanese Characters
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After studying Japanese and using various flashcard programs previously, I undertook this project as to produce a program which would improve on getting users of these applications more involved with them. After researching this type of application, I went on to design and develop the product, as you can see in the provided documentation. To develop the application I used Unity and C#, working with SQLite to maintain a database of flashcards.

As I evaluated the completed product, it became evident that the chosen platform was not quite as suited to the original proposal as I had hoped. I aim to take this further and evaluate different platforms and produce a new version of the application.

Please do not reproduce or copy without permission.

Instructions for Running

The product application uses Unity. You do not have to have a Unity installation to use the application, all of the Unity libraries are pre-packaged.
Unzip the downloaded folder to a suitable location.
Open Lingaria_0_1_7. This opens a window which allows you to choose the appropriate resolution for your current display. A minimum resolution of 1440×900 is required.
Click Play.
After clicking on the Start button, you must first import the character set. Click the character import button on the main menu then again to confirm your choice. This overwrites the current database.
After this, click on Match Me to begin. The other games were not implemented and so clicking on those buttons will not do anything.