I am a junior level software and web programmer based in Sunderland, currently working for the global IT consultancy Saggezza.

I have 2.5 years on-project experience with full stack Microsoft based web development (C#, ASP.NET, MVC, MS SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript), 3 months on-project experience with Python, and 1+ years experience working with the GMC Inspire document composition suite. In addition I have 4 months experience working with C# and older versions of the Unity3D game engine from previous job roles.

Through my university degree I have experience in C++, which I used in my studies for 3 years, as well as some knowledge of Java and assembly language.

My main areas of interest in computing and technology are localisation of software and video games, internet privacy and security, and the use of technology in education. Outside of technology I have a long-standing interest in Japan and I enjoy playing video games.


Platforms Windows, Web, Android, PlayStation 3 (limited)
Languages C++, C#, Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Visual Basic Classic
Database MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle
Frameworks ASP.NET, MVC, Entity Framework, JustMock, Mocha, NUnit, NHibernate
Tools Unity3D, Atlassian tools (Jira etc…), FogBugz & Kiln
Source Control Git, Mercurial, SVN
Design Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya, GMC Inspire, MS Visio, MS Office
Qualities Team player, good communication skills, good problem solving and mathematical ability, dedicated, self-motivated, eager to learn, experience of leadership through volunteering.

Employment History

.NET Developer
August 2016 – Present

During my time at Saggezza I have worked on a range of different projects for clients from software and web development (C#, ASP.NET MVC, Python) to document composition work (Quadient/GMC).

• Suite of .NET web applications for client in the document composition sector , which mainly involved C# .NET development, JavaScript/Coffeescript front-end work and SQL Server database management.
• Document composition project for a high profile insurance client; working with several of my colleagues to create letters and insurance documents using Quadient / GMC Inspire.
• C# project to upgrade a client’s internal software applications to work with the latest version of the Enterprise Resource Planning software that they had just moved to. This was a business critical piece of work and I received excellent feedback from the client team for the standard of my work.
• Public sector document composition project

• C#
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Microsoft Visio
• Mercurial 1.9 (CLI, TortoiseHg, kdiff3)
• FogBugz & Kiln
• Coffeescript
• Quadient / GMC Inspire Designer

Associate .NET Developer
January 2015 – August 2016

After becoming interested in helping to build the new Sunderland-based agile development team, I was transferred to this new role within Saggezza. The team develops software for clients using agile methodologies and frameworks such as Scrum and Test Driven Development.

Skills that I have acquired or developed include:
• Scrum Developer certification
• Object-Oriented programming principles, such as SOLID
• Test-Driven Development
• Testing frameworks and plugins such as JustMock and Mocha
• Web programming experience with C# ASP.NET MVC5
• Web services development

Associate Analyst

September 2014 – December 2014

As an Associate Analyst I was involved in different areas of the business as required.

I spent my first few months in the company within the area of Customer Communications Management (CCM), and helped develop and kickstart a proof-of-concept for a key client. I later transferred within the business to the first Sunderland-based agile development team.

Skills that I have used or developed include:
• Customer Communications Management
• Python scripting

FOG Media
Game Brander

April 2014 – May 2014

As a game brander my role was to add advertising and in-house branding to games that the company brought in from outsourced developers. I also had to fix bugs within the games and deploy across Android and iOS. While this was only a temporary extended 4 week contract coming off the back of my work I done on a work placement, it was beneficial in gaining experience with pushing Unity apps onto iOS using OSX, XCode and the Apple Developer site. In-app advertising was something completely new to me, and I was working with AdMob to implement this. It was also beneficial to work across a range of devices, from Android phones and tablets to the latest generation iPhone and iPad; things that I don’t have the opportunity to work with at home.

Whispering Gibbon
Graduate Internship: Programmer

September 2013 – November 2013

I worked on this small indie developer’s first title, gaining experience in Unity3D and C#, focussing on developing gameplay and user experience.

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For professional and academic references please contact the following individuals.

Martin Williams
Managing Director, Saggezza UK
Saggezza Inc.
Sunderland Software Centre
Tavistock Place
Tel (Sunderland Office): 0191 5920572

Alec Berry
Relationship: Senior Manager, Saggezza Inc.
Note: Alec left Saggezza in March 2016. He is still contactable via LinkedIn. I also have a personal Facebook contact with him if references are required.

Chris Rook
Senior Lecturer
Northumbria University
Ellison Place
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: 0191 243 7615
Relationship: Lecturer