Games Case Project – Rockheads

Number of Group Members: 4
Focus of Interest: UI

The Games Project is a project in which as a team we were instructed to design and build a small game demo.

The brief for Rockheads was to create an adventure/dungeon crawler type game with various items and enemies. The screenshot below shows an in-development example of the work, which was created using the Ogre 3D, a 3D graphics library, specifically using C++.


My main task within the development stage was selecting an appropriate UI library and implementing it. The UI library being used within the application is Crazy Eddie’s GUI, which had to be compiled from source specifically for Ogre. I have extracted a portion of the source code which controls the UI to show how it is implented. For the full section of code, see the [] source file.

Download the source code
Requires Ogre3D 1.8.1, CEGUI 0.7.9 & OgreOGGSound 1.23 to compile and run

Application (C) 2013. Matthew Tinn, Paul Adair, Raymond Yau & Aaron Robinson