BSc (Hons) Games Programming

Northumbria University
BSc (Hons) Games Programming; 2:1

September 2010 – June 2013

Course Staff

Dr David Gee (Course Leader)
Mr Chris Rook (Programming, Final Year Project Supervisor)
Mr Daniel Hodgson (Game Design)
Dr David Harrison (Computing, Programming)
Mr Clifford Brown (Game Design)
Dr Julie Horton (Game Design, Final Year Project Coordinator)
Ms Emma-Jane Phillips (Databases)
Dr Michael Brockway (Computing, Programming)
Dr Li Zhang (Computing, AI)
Dr Paul Oman (Mathematics)
Prof Maia Angelova (Mathematics)

Project List

The following projects are available on this site as downloadable demos. There’s a large backlog so this may be added to in the future.

Final Year Project & Dissertation: Develop a Piece of Software for the Learning of Japanese Characters
-> View Project

Games Case Project: Rockheads
->View Project

Asteroids for Android
->View Project

PlayStation 3 Project – Shooty Cubes
-> View Project

Compiler Writing
->View Project

Command Line Games
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Module List

Final Year Modules Individual Project
Developed an application for learning Japanese characters, using Untiy3D and C#.
Games Case Project
Created a 3D role playing game as a team, using Ogre3D.
Specialist Games Programming
Created a capture-the-flag AI simulation.
Advanced Games Systems Architecture
Created a 2D game using Motorola 68000 assembly code, and a 2D Android game.
Multimedia Assets for Computer Games
Created a 3D animation using Autodesk Maya and Adobe Creative Suite.
Year 2 Modules Programming for Games 3
Wrote a compiler for a subset of C, as well as covering advanced aspects of C++.
Programming for Games 4
Created an FPS style game for the PlayStation 3.
Mathematics for Computer Games 2
Covered a range of advanced mathematical concepts.
Games Architecture and Development
Focussed on UML, agile development, design patterns and professionalism in games.
Professional Development & Project Management
Focussed on learning teamwork and professionalism in team projects.
Year 1 Modules Programming for Games 1
Focussed on learning C++ and producing simple command line games.
Programming for Games 2
Focussed on learning C+ and producing 2D games with a DirectX 9.0c interface.
Mathematics for Computer Games 1
Covered a range of mathematical concepts.
Computing Fundamentals
Covered a range of concepts relating to set theory and computer architecture.
Relational Databases
Covered the use of SQL using Oracle10g.